Classroom Resources

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This was my FAVORITE purchase last school year. I switched schools and had 30 students or more in each of my 4 classes. I had to find a faster way to organize papers. I gave each student a number and they turned the assignment into the 'sifter'. It also was helpful with determining no names faster. 

I was hesitant about these highlighters before I received them but with over 120 students I needed plenty of them at a cheaper cost. These are FANTASTIC! I love the variety of colors and shelf life is amazing. 

Math Resources & Supplies

These calculators have stood the test of time. I started with 30 when I began teaching in 2015. I still have 25 working calculators as of 2023. 

I find myself referencing these posters frequently throughout the year. As I have students peer tutoring they even tell their classmates to look at the posters it's a pretty awesome tool!

These personal whiteboards have been a great tool for each student to have as I do quick checks within the classroom. They're double-sided which can allow you to add some fun elements to your lessons and activities. 

Math Games

These are my students top 3 games from Amazon! We had all three games donated by a parent and they have been a huge hit! As a 6th grade math teacher I feel these were great at reviewing concepts in a fun way. I personally loved the Target game for all students as it focused more on mental math which is what many of them need more practice with. 

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